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LIRs with five star IPv6 RIPEness in Norway

This list contains the LIRs with five star IPv6 RIPEness that offer services in Norway.

The fifth IPv6 RIPEness star tries to capture IPv6 deployment at the edge, and is updated once per month based on data for the previous month. If your organisation has completed the steps for achieving all four IPv6 RIPEness stars and was measured as having actually deployed IPv6 at the edge as described at IPv6 RIPEness - the 5th star: actual IPv6 deployment at the edge it should be included on this list.

If an LIR is not included in this list, either we couldn't measure it's IPv6 deployment, or the level of deployment we measured was below the current threshold of 50 %. Content was measured on 2018-02-01, Access data over the full month of 2018-01. Our access data feed from APNIC is currently undergoing maintenance, which causes the half-yearly aggregate numbers to be temporary estimations, we expect to provide more accurate numbers once this is finished.

If we have a low number of measurements from an LIR, data could be inaccurate. For example, if we only measured a single end-user from that LIRs address space, who used IPv6, that would show up as 100%. Although inaccurate, we choose to still show this, as it shows real IPv6 deployment.

If you have questions/suggestions about this, please contact us at

All LIRs offering services in Norway

Total number of LIRs registered to Norway: 351

LIRs qualifying for the fifth star

Listing of LIRs qualifying for all five stars

(last 6 months)
(last month)
Content LIR
58.9 % AVUR AS
67.0 % Altibox AS
51.2 % BKK Digitek AS
100.0 % DataOppdrag AS
97.8 % Domeneshop AS
53.9 % Get AS
100.0 % Hordaland Fylkeskommune
74.8 % IP Group AS
72.9 % ITsjefen AS
50.0 % Itslearning AS
100.0 % Keystep AS
89.7 % Redpill Linpro AS
100.0 % Stortinget
81.6 % Vitnett AS
79.6 % Akamai International B.V. <Registry based in EU>
92.8 % 80.0 % BNP PARIBAS SA <Registry based in FR>
51.8 % 52.9 % BeeVPN ApS <Registry based in EU>
76.3 % CentralNic Ltd <Registry based in UK>
100.0 % Cirrax GmbH <Registry based in CH>
92.3 % 100.0 % Conscia A/S <Registry based in DK>
100.0 % 100.0 % Daimler AG <Registry based in DE>
100.0 % Global Telephone & Telecommunication S.A. (GT&T) <Registry based in BE>
100.0 % 100.0 % Google Switzerland GmbH <Registry based in CH>
90.7 % INHOSTED LP <Registry based in UK>
72.6 % Informacines sistemos ir technologijos, UAB <Registry based in LT>
58.0 % J2 Global Denmark A/S <Registry based in DK>
100.0 % Liebherr-IT Services GmbH <Registry based in DE>
69.9 % Liteserver Holding B.V. <Registry based in NL>
55.0 % 62.8 % 88.7 % Microsoft Limited <Registry based in UK>
100.0 % 97.6 % NAV COMMUNICATIONS SRL <Registry based in RO>
100.0 % NORDUnet <Registry based in SE>
87.4 % 95.6 % 100.0 % Oracle Svenska AB <Registry based in SE>
100.0 % Privactually Ltd <Registry based in CY>
100.0 % Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson <Registry based in SE>
99.6 % 99.4 % Telia Company AB <Registry based in SE>
59.5 % Verizon Nederland B.V. <Registry based in EU>
100.0 % eValent Group AB <Registry based in SE>

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